konzeptwerk was founded in 1999 by four partners with the aim of designing and managing complex, multidisciplinary digitisation projects with the client's mandate. With the experience of 20 years of project work, we support our clients in their digital transformation projects.

Understanding digitization

Changes almost always come from customers because their needs change. Technology merely reinforces these trends. It is therefore necessary to develop a new understanding of digital users that is less oriented towards the state of the art and more towards the needs of the people to be reached.

Creating solutions

For innovative products and solutions to be effective, a combination of desirability, feasibility and economic efficiency is required. We support companies in discovering new approaches to creating real value in digital markets. With this understanding, we help our clients to develop solutions that are effective.

Taking people with you

Changes in the market require new answers and approaches from companies. Current design strategies focus on people and their needs. But: positive customer experiences can only be reliably provided if a positive experience of these new paradigms is also ensured by your own employees. We design and manage our projects based on this understanding.